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      Welcome to the Independent Schools Yearbook
      All the Information You Need on Independent Schools...
      The Independent Schools Yearbook (ISYB) contains details of Schools in membership of one or more of the Independent Schools Council's Constituent Associations below.
      More than 500,000 children (over 80% of those educated in the UK’s independent sector) attend schools in these Associations.
      Description: Independent Schools Council
      The Independent Schools Council (ISC) is established to support the aims and objectives of its member associations; to protect and promote the sector with policy makers and opinion formers and to conduct and compile authoritative research and intelligence.
      [31 August, 2012]
      ISC Constituent Associations
      Heads Associations:
      Description: ISA
      The Independent Schools Association provides professional support to the Heads of 560 independent schools in the UK.
      [12 July, 2012]
      Description: IAPS
      The Independent Association of Prep Schools is the professional association for Heads of 664 leading independent prep schools in the UK and overseas.
      [12 July, 2012]
      Description: The Society of Heads
      The Society is an Association of Heads of just under 130 well-established independent schools.
      [12 July, 2012]
      Description: GSA
      The Girls’ Schools Association represents the Heads of independent girls’ schools in the UK and overseas.
      [12 July, 2012]
      Description: HMC
      The Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference represents the Heads of 348 of the leading independent schools in the UK and overseas.
      [12 July, 2012]
      Other Constituent Associations:
      Description: AGBIS
      The Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools (AGBIS) supports and advises governing bodies of schools in the independent sector on all aspects of governance.
      [12 July, 2012]
      Description: ISBA
      The Independent Schools’ Bursars Association (ISBA) is the only national association to represent bursars and business managers of independent schools, providing them with the professional support they need to manage their schools successfully.
      [19 July, 2012]
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